4 Mukhi Rudraksha

4 Mukhi Rudraksha of Nepal is easy to obtain and is one of the most commonly used rudrakshas. Indonesian four mukhi beads are smaller in size and are used in mala form. From 4 mukhi rudraksha down wards, the size and shape of the bead start changing towards oval instead of being round, both in the case of the Nepalese as well as the Indonesian varieties.

The 4 mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Lord Brahma, one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity and is responsible for creation. He is the abode of knowledge and creativity. Brahma is also known as Prajapati, Hiranyagarbha, Brahmanspati or Vishwakarma. He took birth from the lotus flower evolved from the naval of Lord Vishnu.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Brahma 4 mukhi rudraksha 4 Mukhi Rudraksha 4 Mukhi Rudraksha Brahma 300x264
4 Mukhi Rudraksha Brahma

As per Mahabharata, Brahma is the creator of the Universe. It is said that one who wears 4 mukhi rudraksha attains the level of dwij (twice born), transforms himself to a totally new personality and assumes a new and better role in life. The dwij concept is the essence of Hindu caste system, which has been totally misunderstood by most people. People bent upon dividing the masses on caste lines never allow truth to prevail and even after knowing these great principles, no one presents it in a correct perspective. Caste system (varnashram dharma) is based on principles of work type and personality and not entirely on lineage. This division of human race as brahmin, kshatriya, vasihya or shudra is natural and created by God for Social stability however, it is based on natural virtues and not by birth.

A person wearing a 4 Mukhi rudraksha is known to get shining intelligent eyes and a balanced mind and he or she can use the power of speech to his/her advantage. This aksha also absolves the person from various sins including sins like killing of humans or animals. I must mention here the epics talk about the aspect of “absolving from the sin

of killing” for rudrakshas of all mukhs. I believe that although laws were in existence at all times to punish the guilty and they had taken their own course, the rudraksha’ property is to purify the mind, to create a consciousness and to make the person repent truly for the mistakes. Like the “confession” among Christians, rudraksha is used as a tool to make the soul pure after repentance. A person committing a murder gets punishment and is sentenced to death or life imprisonment. This punishment does not necessarily purify his or her soul. This is possible only after he or she truly repents having committed the wrongful act. Using rudraksha, one can absolve oneself of the sins and make sure to get justice from the almighty. The four mukhi rudraksha gives fame in all the four dishas (directions) and is suitable for all the four stages of human life (celibacy, family life, detachment from family or worldly life and finally renunciation of the world itself — Brahmacharya, Grahasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyas). Children can wear this 4 Mukhi Rudraksha to improve their concentration in studies and for better memory. Excellent testimonials have been received for this rudraksha from students, teachers and those engaged in mental and skilled work. It can be worn to gain success in areas of dharma (duties), arth (wealth), kaam (leisure/pleasure) and moksha or nirvan (eternal freedom from the cycle of birth and death). 4 mukhi rudraksha has proved to be very effective in curing diseases related to the mind (loss of memory, epilepsy etc.) It is effective in controlling or curing diseases of the nose and gall bladder and paralysis.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha


Mukhi : 4

Diameter : 14.50mm – 15.50 length (approx.)

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Who should wear?

Students, teachers and all those engaged in mental work should wear this rudraksha. In fact, today there is hardly any work that is based on static knowledge. Constant and continuous upgrading of the mental setup is required to sustain and survive the challenges of contemporary lifestyles and needs.

While it can be used as a single rudraksha in case of children below six years, it is used along with six mukhi rudraksha for better learning and good performance. A total of three beads are usually be worn. A crown made of four mukhi rudrakshas along with five mukhi and/or six mukhi rudrakshas and consisting of up to 550 beads is used in Crown Therapy. The crown is put over the head of the person for treatment of any mental disorders or to control stress.

Malas of small beads of 4 mukhi rudraksha from Indonesia (basically for comfort while wearing in view of the small size) is highly effective in making a person calmer and healthier. This variety can also be used in any number with any combination of rudraksha. The four mukhi rudraksha (Nepal) is also used by boiling it in milk for 10 to 15 minutes and then drinking the milk in order to cure memory loss or any mental disorder. Three beads of four mukhis can be soaked in a glass of water for about 12 hrs. and this water can be safely given daily for improving memory. Dry the beads and repeat the soaking each day.

Mantras to be recited for 4 mukhi rudraksha

Om Hreem Namah (Shiva Puran)

Om Hreem (Padma Puran)

Om Hreem Hoom Namah (Skand Puran)

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Om Namah Shivaya

References : Kamal N Seetha (2014) The Power Of Rudraksha

4 Mukhi Rudraksha