Rudraksha Beads 

Rudraksha Beads has been known for a range of benefits like spirituality, health, prosperity and resolution of sychological issues, fear or problems involving emotions. Its efficacy has been explained in the puranas. In fact, Shiva Puran, Shrimad Devibhagmat, etc. are full of worthy mentions about these beads. As one wears rudraksha beads, all types of sins, including acts of murder, eating of prohibited items or bad deeds like cheating, get condoned and the sinner gains purity of thought and deed. Removal of fear is the basic characteristic of these beads.

Rudraksha Beads rudraksha beads Rudraksha Beads Rudraksha Beads
Rudraksha Beads

It is mentioned that Lord Shiva, as he witnessed the agony that mankind has been going through generations after generations, questioned Himself and Lord Brahma as to “why we play the game of producing and destroying human race, which suffers endlessly”. As He searched for a satisfactory explanation, tears started rolling down His eyes and wherever these tears fell, rudraksha trees are said to have grown. The message that is conveyed in this anecdote is that the rudraksha beads have a purpose to achieve, that is, to care for the sorrows of the mankind.

It is experience of many that wearing rudraksha brings in health, happiness, calmness and prosperity. However, the emphasis laid in related epics is on the aspect of deliverance from sins. To pursue any spiritual path, the body, mind and heart should be devoid of past thoughts. For meditation practices to be effective, one should forget the past, the present and the future. Rudraksha beads has been found to be an ideal tool for this as it is known to purify the thoughts and to make man worthy of embarking on a spiritual path. One can restart life with renewed confidence.

It must be clarified that mere wearing of rudraksha is not a licence for one to commit any sinful deeds. It has a great virtue to give strength and purity to one’s inner feelings. As one wears the bead, one tends not to repeat the mistakes committed earlier.

Rudraksha beads is also useful as a medicinal herb, specifically for cardiac problems, blood pressure and mental disorders. It also improves intelligence. It is not an ordinary seed or an herb. In India it is held in high reverence and is considered divine. People do not touch it without performing the required ablutions. It is always held in the right hand (as the left hand is considered impure!) and is accepted, when offered, with bare foot. There are several other auspicious gestures associated with it. John Garret and Kerber Drory have reported many medicinal values of rudraksha. As early as in the year 1864, Dr. Abraham Jajuar had recorded that rudraksha beads could be used in mind-related diseases and for controlling stress.

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Rudraksha Beads