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The most common and traditional way of wearing rudraksha is to buy a mala of five mukhi beads from a good source, ensuring that the beads are of uniform size and color, perform a normal pooja and prayers at home and then wear the mala around the neck. No specialised or expert knowledge is needed for this and thousands of people across the country have been wearing rudraksha in this manner for generations. (The sadhus and sanyasis wear larger beads.) In such cases, the wearer do not know anything about the beads or rudraksha combinations per se, except their belief that the beads are divine, they help in spirituality and are good for health. It has also been the experience that people wearing rudraksha, say from the early age of 24 years, usually do not suffer from blood pressure-related problems or diabetes even though they have no knowledge about the medicinal properties of the beads. However, if we wish to adopt a rational approach to understand about the divine nature of the beads, it is necessary to know that these beads are capable of changing you from within so that you can lead a better life full of confidence and fearlessness. There are several people who wear one single rudraksha of five mukhi and claim that they have been immensely benefited. However, without disputing their claim, it must be pointed out that this type of wearing is not in accordance with the scriptures or as per the generally accepted procedures. There are different ways to follow in selecting and wearing different rudraksha in multiple numbers or rudraksha combinations of various mukhi’s.

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